Architecture Biennial Antalya

Antalya banner

As Bursa is famous for its cars production, Antalya is famous for tourism industry and vegetables production. The production of vegetables gives us an opportunity to use plastic-crates. It will be easy to find thousand of this material in this area. To build our project we will use as main material plastic boxes, It will be our new template. The consumption society has created this “Şablon” to transport easily the vegetables outside of Antalya, so we would to experiment with this material to create architecture and compose a unique project. The concept will be to reuse a local material (produce by the consumption), for an architectural project. Our goals will be discover the quality of this material for the construction, show and share to the people that everybody can create architecture with anything and finally produce a unique and ephemeral architecture related to the area. As a cycle, the project is going to be dismount, and the plastic-crates will come back in the consumption process.


Antalya concept

 The project of Bellastock for the Biennial of Antalya will be to create a small pavillion in order to enjoy the site of kaleici with the hot summer of the area. The project will be build in one week, the team of constructors will be compose by Bellastock members. Also local people as students, habitants or children could help if they are interested. We will be around 20 people and build directly in-situ. The concept of Bellastock isn’t to design all the shape of the architecture before the event but let the reflexion of the instant and the creativity of everybody in order to create something unique. By the way we will make some proves to check the possibilities of the material before the event. We are working to imagine the structure of the pavilion , to give an impression of the architecture that will be. At the moment we are working in two different shapes with a common point: an archade corridor made out of boxes. The base of the structure will be used as seats.

Antalya projekt